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My name is Ann Houchin and ten years ago I discovered “free style embroidery”. Until then I had been toiling away with cross-stitch charts which demanded a higher level of complexity. Using free-style hand stitched embroidery I am able to look at any photograph or picture that attracts me and copy it. My choices have varied from a bumblebee on a flower to the head of an orangutan.

My initial pictures were sewn on hessian and were covered in overlapping pieces of coloured net to give a coloured background to work on. Gold Hill Shaftsbury is an example of this technique. Although I still use this method I have recently moved on to using embroidery linen with net. This method works well when copying animal fur and hair and we have a favourite at home of our former dog Jake.

I often undertake commissions and last year copied a photograph of a white Cumbrian cottage in the snow. My first thought on seeing it was "impossible" but I persevered and the result was very pleasing and the customers were delighted. I understand it has pride of place over their fireplace. Perhaps you have a photograph or picture that you would like me to turn into an embroidery?

Please contact me at ann@whicham.com for further information.






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